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Durable and flexible packaging system

Mirei Agordiivila's project consists of two pieces: crates and containers.

The company adopts the new German Heidelberg Speedmaster 102CD four-color folio computer printing press

The company adopts the new German Heidelberg Speedmaster 102CD four-color folio computer printing press. New Heidelberg Speedmaster four-color printer and Japan Komori four-color printer,equipped with Germany's new Starr high yield folding machine;American martini high speed automatic glue machine,Switzerland complete set of automatic screen printing machine and other complete printing follow-up processing equipment, all kinds of bookbinding, grinding, gluing, bronzing, embossing equipment. Owns the American PC equipment, has the professional design and the computer plate making ability. Forming a set of design, plate - making, printing, binding and post-processing into one of the production system.

Silver Award of the 10th Winter Games Emblem Design Competition

With the concept of the Arabic number "10", the soaring action of the ski jump constitutes "1", and the Chinese English abbreviation "C" is used to enclosing the site of the ice event.

What are the steps of making a beautiful gift box?

As we al know, if a good product match a "suitable"packaging, the whole the grade of the product would immediately rise up, and thus immediately increase exposure rate。 So for our gift box packaging plant, what we have to dois to design the appropriate product packaging. For such small packaging , how many steps need to be take before it can be presented to the customer?

The design thinking of tea packing box

The design of tea gift box packaging is not only an artistic creation, but also an important item in marketing.

Do you know the basic requirements of picture album printing

Book planning is an advocacy window for enterprise products. A good album, planning is very important, and plays a direct role in the promotion of the company, and then can improve the image of the company, improve product sales. This album has an irreplaceable position in corporate propaganda.

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